Mortgage Closing Surveys, FEMA Elevation Certificates, Floodplain Determinations, FEMA LOMA and LOMR-F, Construction Staking, Topographic Surveys, Digital Terrain Models, Boundary Surveys, As-Built Surveys and more.

Commercial Surveying

ALTA/ACSM surveying, closings, etc.

Residential Surveying

Mortgage closings, plot plans for building permits, site plans and foundations surveys for new construcion, etc.

Land Surveying

Large and small property boundaries, farms, timber, etc.

Topographic Surveying

For construction, drainage, improvements, etc.

Construction Surveying

All aspects of the job including survey for design, layout and as-builts

Floodplain Determination

LOMA and LOMR-F to determine if a structure or property is within a 100 year flood zone

FEMA Elevation Certificates

Surveying for insurance companies to establish flood risk on a property within a 100 year flood zone.


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